Sunday, January 30, 2011

RIP - The End of and

First, on November 9th we hear that decided it no longer really wants to be a search engine. You can read more here - Update from their blog (I think it is weird that the President of decided to write his name in all caps, what is that supposed to mean?).

Then, 1 day later, on November 10th we hear that is going to 'realigned' into some other Dex One Offering. There press release is here - Dex One Realigns Interactive Operations

This after all the excitement of Yahoo! also deciding to get out of the search business earlier this year, has created a lot of change within the search space in such a short time. The problem is that as we lose things we seldom get anything back and/or if we do get a new web property it is usually never as good as something else we lost.

Hopefully, Blekko, a new search engine proves me wrong and fills in the void of So far it does not appear to be happening, but there is always hope....:-)


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