Sunday, January 30, 2011

SEO Faction - The Next Big Thing in SEO

I have to give out props to my buddy Zachary at SEO Faction. His new SEO/SEM corporate website is launching soon, but he has already released a great new marketing blog that is sure to become a 'must read' for all online marketers.

His first post is entitled, "Company Branding: Learning From Coca-Cola And Pepsi" is a great read and deeply thought out. I am always amazed (and a little jealous) by people like Zachary and others such as Aaron Wall (SEO Book) who can provide posts with such insight that are not only interesting to read, but make feel like a better person for reading (okay maybe not a better person, but maybe a bit smarter).

Check it all out here - SEO Faction Blog
(in addition you can always find a link in my favorites section in case you forget)

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